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interests. joining me from washington is author resa aslam. our own senior white house correspondent jake tapper. thank you for joining me. jake, i want to ask you first. as so many americans are trying to figure out what this all means, all the revolutions from tunisia to' jept and whatever may unfold here, how should americans make sense of this, jake? >> there are different levels to look at it. the american eye deels of democracy that have eluded much of that part of the world. and there's american strategic br interests. it's a double-edged sword. what's going on in north africa, a great deal of oil and energy we get from that region. unrest will upset oil prices and cause americans pain at the pump. other national security, counterterrorism issues. a lot of cooperative relationships with a lot of dictators in that region. think the american people have to look at this in terms of the american eye deels and how democracy needs to take hold. throughout that part of the world. >> let me move to you, bob kagan. you've been studying this a long time. we've talked about this many time bef
>>> i'm jake tapper. tonight on "world news," end game. the bah sieged egyptian government meets for the first time and offers concessions. but just who are they negotiating with? christiane amanpour talks to a top official of the feared muslim brotherhood. >>> secret trial. behind closed doors and without having met their lawyer for months. >>>ry began remembered. the celebrations today on what would be ronald reagan's 100th birthday. why are some of his biggest boosters uneasy with all the praise? >>> brave heart. the child burn victim in the experimental treatment that saved him. and on this super sunday, the sports scandal rocking a nation. >>> good evening. after nearly two weeks of protests and clashes, some normalcy returned to egypt today. behind closed doors, what happened was anything but normal. it was historic. the mubarak government met with 50 opposition leaders to explore a transition to democracy, such a meter once would have been unthinkable. even more remarkable, it included representatives of the outlawed muslim brotherhood. christiane amanpour spoke to a leade
: 30-year-old jake threatie is reliving the moment he was thrown over a 25-foot wave at mavericks in northern california. nearly drowned. >> if that was my head i would have been dead. it was at rock that hit me. >> reporter: he was placed in a medically-induced coma that was only nine days ago. today, trettie is grateful he is walking and talking, thankful to be alive. >> it felt like i got dropped from a, you know, four-story building under water and then i hit the bottom. and i remember that's the one wave i remember i hit the bottom and then i swam back up to the top. >> reporter: trettie was slammed by at least two more giant waves. he was then knocked out. >> from what i understand, a kayaker -- everyone found my board. and a kayaker was on the other side of the rocks and he said, there's somebody -- he yelled, there's somebody in the water! and started waving his paddle. so he waved his paddle at russell on the a jet ski. >> reporter: the australian firefighter and photographer was illegally in the surf that day on a personal watercraft. had he not been there jake trettie
wave like that. >> reporter: 30-year-old jake freddy is reliving the moment he was thrown over a 35-high foot waive in northern california. he nearly drowned. >> if that was my head i would have been dead. that's a rock that hit my board. >> reporter: the south orange county surfer was airlifted to stanford medical center where he was placed in a medically induced coma. that was only 9 days ago. today he is grateful he is walking and talking, thank full to be alive. >> it felt like i got dropped from a, you know, four-storey building under water, and then i hit the bottom, and i remember, that's the one wave i remember i hit the bottom and then i swam back up to the top. >> reporter: he was slammed by at least two more giant waves. he was then knocked out. >> from what i understand a kayaker, they -- everyone saw my board and a kayaker was on the other side of the rocks and he said "there is somebody in the water," he yelled"there is somebody in the water" and he started waving his paddle and he waved his paddle at russell ord, on the jet ski. >> ord was illegally in the surf that d
, miguel. thank you for phoning in to us tonight. >>> and with that in mind. let's go to jake tapper now, he's analyzing what are the risks for u.s. as the protests spread across the middle east. not just bahrain. jake? >> reporter: good evening, diane. what seems like a direct conflict between american national security interests and american ideals. today the u.s. government condemned the loss of life as protests in bahrain. but the secretary of state made clear that the u.s. alliance with that regime is solid. >> bahrain is a friend and an ally and has been for many years. >> reporter: bahrain is home to more than 4,000 u.s. military personnel at the only u.s. naval base in the region. it's also home to the navy's fifth fleet. >> we have advised all our sailors to avoid the sites where the protests are occurring. >> reporter: for decades those sailors have been there to protect u.s. interests. including the world's most important choke hold, including access through the strait of hormuz. 19% of daily oil imports to the u.s. come from the middle east. across the middle east, the admini
known park above candle stick. here's my friend jake, standing by a wall. this was rosy play ground. they turned it into a park and it was also restored by wpa. i believe they torn down the house, which was unforgivable and the zoo is wpa. and here's the murals inside the mother's building. the marina sea walls and great aquatic park. the palace of fine arts. we wouldn't have and a little further in, lake merit, this pier. alva rado park and then, some of you my recognize this. the berkeley rose garden. did it have to be this beautiful. finally, i'm going to wrap up. san francisco is rich in the various kinds of arts projects. we have a fabulous collection of stuff here. there were four components. there was visual arts, federal theater, federal musics and federal writers. they employed many people. this is excellent to show the work. the visual arts project. it was especially important in san francisco because of dieggo rivera and radicalizing it. this is the coit towers. this was done under cw a. 1934. the wpa wasn't in existence. this is the very first of the relieve projects. ha
they handed 16-year-old jake his very first car keys along with some stern advice. >> don't use the cell phone while you're driving. just turn it off. >> and texting was a no-no. >> the yokams told him to keep his phone stashed in the glove box. the camera which jake knew about is an added precaution. >> he's a pretty good kid so we weren't too worried about it. >> imagine how stunned they were to see this. jake texting as he slams into a mailbox. >> it was just so quick and the sound of the mailbox hitting the car and his reaction and it was scary. >> i knew i wasn't supposed to be using my phone in the car, and everybody thinks that it's not going to happen to them, you know, i just looked down for a few seconds. >> but it only takes a few seconds. in jake's case, five. it was a frightening wake-up call. what if the mailbox had been a child instead? but here's the wake-up call for parents. jake told his folks that he and his friends are only copying what they've seen their parents do for years. that's right, mom and dad, they're mimicking us. this scene from nbc's "parenthood" look familiar?
with mona el-naggar who lives in cairo. and naguib sawiris. and jake tapper whitehouse correspondent for abc news. >> this journey of the last eight days, the administrating has proceeded very cautiously, some say too cautiously and it's almost as if every time they stake out a new position, events immediately overtake them. in fact one u.s. official said it's been a real crawl, walk, run toward the obama administration trying to catch up with events. >> charlie: we conclude with bill keillor executive editor of "the new york times" talking about wikileaks and events in egypt. >> it's has some immediate impact and to the extent that what's happening in the streets of egypt, many of the egyptians say they were inspired by what happened in tunisia and had a second -- secondary effect. >> charlie: our conversation with annette benning will be shown next week. wikileaks, next. maybe you want school kids to have more exposure to the arts. maybe you want to provide meals for the needy. or maybe you want to help when the unexpected happens. whatever you want to do, members project from american
of the world and still embrace the egyptian people's call for democracy. jake tapper is at the white house tonight. what is the latest from there, jake? >> reporter: diane, the obama administration has dispatched a former ambassador, frank wisener, who was ambassador to egypt during the reagan and bush sr. years. he's on the ground there talking to egyptian officials about political reform. i asked is he there? is frank wisener there to gingerly show mubarak the door and the white house would not answer that question. >> but nonetheless have you detected a shift in tone? which direction? >> reporter: absolutely. it seems to be much more towards preparing for mubarak to leave. you hear president obama talk about an orderly transition. secretary of state clinton said the same thing on the sunday shows yesterday, an orderly transition. now, the administration says they're not talking about a transition necessarily away from mubarak being the president of egypt, but one think tank expert on egypt who visited with national security staff today said that she thought all this talk of an orderly t
money and hiring workers. throwing down a gauntlet but also trying to build a bridge. jake tapper is at the white house. tell us what happened, jake. >> reporter: good evening, diane. president obama wants to get the economy going and as you say, it's just a quick hop across the street, but the distance between the white house and the chamber of commerce on many issues is vast. the temperature was in the 40s when the president walked to the chamber of commerce this morning. the reception inside the building was chilly, as well. >> maybe if we had brought over a fruitcake when i first moved in, we would have gotten off to a better start. >> reporter: the president may have come in the spirit of being more neighborly, but he was hardly looking to just borrow a cup of sugar. >> american companies have nearly $2 trillion sitting on their balance sheets. >> reporter: spend that money, the president said. >> so if i've got one message, my message is now is the time to invest in america. now is the time to invest in america. and if there is a reason that you don't share my confidence, if
the same legal standing as straight. and jake tapper is at the white house with that tonight. jake? >> reporter: good evening, diane. in a stunning turn of events, president obama told the justice department to stop defending the 1996 law that defines marriage as between one man and one woman. the president's been defending the law for two years, but today, he called it unconstitutional. jerry and john of danbury, connecticut, are suing the government over the defense of marriage act. >> we challenged it because it's wrong. >> and it directly effects us. >> reporter: that's because even though they are legally married in connecticut, jerry a federal employee, can not use the family health insurance plan to cover john. recently diagnosed with type ii diabetes. the defense of marriage act, which defines marriage as between a man and a woman, was signed into law by president clinton in 1996. after defending the law for two years, president obama today said the government no longer would, since it violates constitutional principles. conservatives blasted the president for undermining t
and will it begin to get the country out of debt? jake tapper starts us off. jake? >> reporter: good evening, diane. well, in his $3.7 trillion budget proposal, the president promises pain. university of colorado junior derek dash pays division with help from the pell grant program for low-income students. he was plans on enrolling in summer classes. >> we're receives credits just as good during the spring or fall. >> reporter: in his budget president obama proposing eliminating pell grants for charging more for graduate student loans that would save the budget $89 million over 10 years. bad news for dash. >> if they weren't available for me i'd probably take out student loans right now and incur cut. >> reporter: that's one of the tough choices the president says he'll make. >> if we're going to walk the walk, these kind of cuts will be necessary. >> reporter: another painful cut, $2.5 billion from a program providing home heating assistance for the poor. there are currently a record 8.9 million households seeking that assistance. a number that has gone up for the past three year. >> we need that
? jake tapper is at the white house with the latest today. jake? >> reporter: good evening, diane. well, hours after president obama said he wanted to work with republicans to reduce the nation's deficit, he threatened to veto a republican bill for cutting spending too much. it all illustrates just how difficult it will be to find common ground to reduce the nation's $14 trillion debt. president obama today said the republican spending cuts are too harsh. >> let's use a scalpel, let's not use a machete. >> reporter: his veto threat came on paper this evening, hours after he suggested real disagreements with house republican leaders. house republicans, as you know, want to start cutting now, cutting this year's budget. >> i think it is important to make sure that we don't try to make a series of symbolic cuts this year that could endanger the recovery. >> reporter: but the president did not issue his veto threat on camera then, as he could have. he wanted the message of the press conference to be that he's ready for an adult conversation with republicans about reducing the deficit and ta
? for the fight against terrorism? fothe price we pay at the gas pump? jake tapper is at the white house tonight and of course he has been covering it all day, as well. jake? >> reporter: good evening, diane. as you know, former president mubarak was a close ally of the united states, and there are you have few obama administration officials who are confident the next government will be as supportive, especially on that crucial issue of counter-terrorism. >> egypt is the moral force of nonviolence. not terrorism. not mindless killing. but nonviolence. moral force. that bent the arc of history toward justice once more. >> reporter: but major questions remain about future counter-terrorism help from egypt. will egypt continue to share the information it gleans from its wide range of intelligence sources throughout the arab and muslim words? will terrorist groups be able to take root in the country? something the mubarak regime was able to beat back, often through oppressive means. >> egypt has been a partner going after al qaeda. all of these things are at potentially greater risk if they can go t
, not enough. so what is on the chopping block and will it begin to get the country out of debt? jake tapper starts us off on this big day at the white house. jake? >> reporter: good evening, diane. well, in his $3.7 trillion budget proposal, the president promises pain. university of colorado junior derek dash pays tuition with help from the pell grant program for low-income students, and he was planning on enrolling in summer classes. >> the credits that we're receiving then are credits that are just as good during the spring or fall. >> reporter: but in his 2012 budget, president obama proposes eliminating pell grants for summer classes as well as charging more for graduate student loans. that would save the budget $89 million over 10 years. bad news for dash. >> if pell grants weren't available to me, i'd probably be taking out student loans right now and be incurring some debt. >> reporter: that's one of the tough choices president obama says his budget makes. >> if we're going to walk the walk when it comes to fiscal discipline, these kind of cuts will be negligence. >> reporter: anoth
to christiane. let's bring in jake tapper and see what they're saying. jake? >> reporter: good evening, diane. well, there was no official white house response to the interview, but one official said he found it very significant that president mubarak said there was never any intention to have his son run to replace him. that, of course, was one of the messages that president obama had, that special envoy frank wisner, deliver to mubarak. to say he should not run for re-election but his son should not be on the ballot, either. and mubarak said nothing about that when he spoke to egypt on tuesday. so, the fact he said it in his interview with christiane they found very significant. >> interesting that he's just saying it now. okay, jake tapper, at the white house. >>> and as we mentioned, the thugs have been out on the streets in cairo tonight, saying they want to stop all these pictures being broadcast here and around the world. and they have been threatening journalists with violence, with death. david muir is also in cairo tonight, where, as we said, it is too dangerous to report outside. d
tech company of the world, moving towards becoming the epicenter of the green revolution. mark jake onson is not surprised sun-edison is moving here. >> there are many companies working towards a clean energy future. so this helps to have many companies close to each other because they share ideas. they don't want to compete with each other necessarily. but they do share ideas. >> california continues to struggle with high unemployment rates, the silicon valley seems to be doing better. according to the edd, during 2010, jobs in the area grew more quickly than the rest of the state. >> anything bringing in jobs and increases tax basis is good. on top that have the fact it's, you know, green industry is great. >> so there is something interesting for you. joint venture silicon valley network analyzes growth in the area and they say that from 2000, to 2006 green jobs grew 41% in silicon valley compared to 17% for the rest of california. >> thank you. >> and there is a new move to increase california's car tax. state senator mark leno has a plan to raise money for local governments thr
. when we return, what is the obama administration doing? we get that view from abc's jake tapper and our very special cairo roundtable when we return. roundtable when we return. dominion of a very few. the largest and most powerful organizations. logistics was our secret weapon. logistics was our black heart. the thought that any business... any upstart could access the power of logistics... that's... unthinkable. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 that i didn't even understand -- i was so naive. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 i mean, i still need help. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 but not from some guy that's just going to sell me stuff. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 i need somebody who works with me, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 speaks a language i understand, tdd# 1-800-345-2550 and basically helps me make better decisions. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 maybe i'm still being naive? tdd# 1-800-345-2550 [ male announcer ] no hard sell. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no attitude. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 no broker-speak. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 it's different when you talk to chuck. tdd# 1-800-345-2550 ♪ >>> welcome back to our special edition live here from cairo. no
.s. has to find a way to fathom this mind of this dictator on the ropes. and jake tapper is at the white house tonight to tell us how the white house is dealing with him. >> reporter: administration officials fear that even for a dictator known for eccentricities, gadhafi has become so untethers from reality, he may, quote, burn down the house with him. as one official put it. >> this is very much a man who has a kind of an apom lip tick vision of how politics takes place. >> reporter: this week, gadhafi said protesters in his country were being fed hallucinogens by osama bin laden. according to a psychiatrist who worked for the cia for 21 years, that's because it's inconceivable to gadhafi that libyans would oppose him. >> we're hearing this paranoid, besieged language from him, as he's trying to find an explanation for how his people who love him so could possibly turn against him. >> reporter: dr. gerald post says that gadhafi has borderline personality disorder and when under stress, loses touch with reality. >> under the facade, he's almost considered a buffoon at times, this is a v
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 205 (some duplicates have been removed)